Abstract: Education fundamentally means the accumulation of knowledge that will enable the possessor to lead him/herself out of a low state/condition to a higher one. Such an education benefits the recipient. Throughout Africa and the Diaspora the world-wide system of European centered education, established over the past 500 years following the fall of Granada and the coming of Columbus to the New World, has not and is not providing this kind of education to the masses of the people. What the masses are receiving is an education which does not benefit them, but which conditions them to acquire attitudes toward the glaring inequalities of life so that they can adjust themselves thereto with the least possible difficulties; and when this fails, especially for the males, the uneducated are placed under the control and supervision of the vast prison system. Presently this latter is occurring on an ever increasing scale, thereby deepening the crisis in the proper education of African people and consequently denying them the kind of education that will give them upward mobility and the kind of mathematics, science, engineering and technology necessary for the maintenance and building of a nation.

As Dr John Henrik Clarke repeatedly taught, oppressors know well that they cannot oppress a consciously awake people. Thus, they developed and erected the world-wide system of white supremacy, based upon the false concept of race, giving rise to the five so-called races of mankind-the European (white), the Mongolian (yellow), the American (red), the Malayan (brown), and the Ethiopian (black), in descending order of worth. This system was born of force, massive killings of human beings, slavery, colonization, segregation/apartheid, discrimination, rape, robbery, distortion of history and outright fabrications, and operates in all areas of people activity: economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex and war. To maintain and justify such a system the oppressors by way of massive pseudo-scientific propaganda defamed Africa and her people. Over time this relentless all pervasive and ubiquitous system robbed African people of the true knowledge of themselves, their sense of self-worth, their sense of nation-ness, and of the sense of their historic destiny.

Without any doubt, one of the principal barriers to the proper education of African people is the everywhere presence of the color line, which underscores the all-pervasive presence of white supremacy and black inferiority. This problem is still with us, but it is solvable by massively teaching the truth-the truth that humanity is one, that all human beings are descendents of Africans, that all the arts and the sciences originated in Africa, that the oldest book in print is an African book, that the oldest mathematical texts are African, that all languages originated in Africa, that religion originated in Africa, that we must become self-reliant without expecting the oppressor to solve it for us. We must, therefore, systematically replace the false concepts of race, white supremacy and black inferiority with the truth in all our schools and in all our media.

With the acquisition of the essential knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering and technology we can return to nation building. By so doing we shall be able to build strong communities in America and in Africa. Then and only then will justice and respect come to us all-Africa and her people. (By Abdulalim A Shabazz, PhD)