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Dr Shabazz had a stroke on June 6th and passed away June 25th .

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2014-07-06 Sun 09:23 ct

Thank you Dr. Shabazz for your model example of educational excellence.
My family was Blessed to have you as a guest in our humble home in Chicago.
I was Blessed to have you travel to Cornell College in Mt. Vernon, Iowa to speak about Al-Islam.
I pray that Allah showers you with Blessings as you transition back to our Creator.

2014-07-10 Thu 17:35 ct

Greetings, Dr. Shabazz was a great advocate of Black folks being at the seat of mathematics in and outside the classroom and thus he rightfully advanced the idea that more of need to be the head rather than the tail of the enterprise.
Hence, we need to learn from his dedication and promote the new professors and scholars in the field that will not shy away to uplifting as the move up the steps of success.

2014-07-16 Wed 13:26 ct

We will miss Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz a dedicated person of elegance who gave much to the education of mathematics for people of African descent.
He spoke during a memorian for Lestervelt Middleton at Howard University in 1993.

2014-07-27 Sun 23:14 ct

My condolences to the family of Dr Shabazz.
May his soul rest in peace, Ameen.

2014-08-05 Tue 10:44 ct

Kaukab Siddique

The Struggle Dr. Shabazz went through to achieve Excellence.

He was misunderstood and hurt by those who would not listen to what he actually said.

When I first heard Dr. Shabazz speaking to a faculty gathering, I could not believe my ears.
His English was perfect, every word in its right place as if he were reading from a book.
How could a professor of mathematics be so good in English, I thought.

Over the years, we became close friends.
A reader of New Trend in Canada had described Dr. Shabazz as a revolutionary in mathematics. His style with students was extraordinary and many of his students went on to achieve PhDs.
His pedagogy was based on the principle that there is no such thing as a weak student.
A good teacher can bring out the best in any student.
Now many professors accept this radical idea though years back when he first spoke of it, he received criticism.

Dr. Shabazz was superb in his research on slavery and racism.
No one could come anywhere near the quality of his research.
His attack on racism was devoid of rhetoric or any kind of bitterness.
It was simple: He had the knowledge!

Then, in his later years he applied his research tools to study Zionism.
He found that Zionism is a natural extension of racism.
The way racists treat people of color in America can be seen replicated in occupied Palestine ["Israel"].

He received his degrees at some of America's finest universities and had experienced the suave and subtle forms of racism and open expressions of Zionism in the halls of America's academe.

He had to pay the price for his incisive criticism of the established order, The biggest Zionist-Jewish organization in America, the ADL [so-called Anti-Defamation League] attacked him on its web site and came near to calling him a terrorist!

That was to be expected from the Jews.
After all they had gone after Prof. Tony Martin and Min. Farrakhan for much less offense.
But what really hurt was prejudice against him coming from "white" people.
They thought he was attacking them when he was simply describing historic events and tendencies.
He was not attacking any person.
History cannot be changed.
What is a scholar to do but tell the truth.

More insidious in their hatred of Dr. Shabazz were Black people who were mentally "white".
This is a widespread phenomenon in America's Black universities.
They love "massa" and hate the person who teaches people to be what God has made them : Black.

Dr. Shabazz' history is the history of the awakening of oppressed people in America.
Not only was he developing his own knowledge of Islam, in addition he knew just about all the Black personalities who had embraced Islam over decades.
Among them was W.D. Muhammad, the son of Elijah Muhammad.
As part of the W.D. group, Dr. Shabazz was Imam of one of their mosques in Washington, DC which still exists.

As his fame and a sense of his abilities grew, W.D. Muhammad saw him as a threat to his leadership.
There was no intellectual equivalence here.
The rest of the story I got directly from Dr. Shabazz.
The stalwarts of that group threatened him, probably at the behest of their leader.
His life was in danger.
He left the country and went to Makka where he taught at a university till things calmed down in America.

In later years, the younger ones from W.D.s group continued to be rude to him.

Overall, he had to face animosity and difficulties because people tried to drag him down to their own level.

His years with Jamaat al-Muslimeen were his great years.
He would not miss any shoora [Central Committee} meeting of the Jamaat.
This is where activists listened to him and absorbed his wisdom.
Through New Trend, his teachings were transmitted to the Muslim world.
His understanding of the Qur'an was amazing.
He led the shoora group in prayers.
His supplication at the end of the 10 hour long meetings was sura al_asr:
The Words of Allah enshrined in a few sentences which can guide our entire lives.

He left Lincoln University for Grambling University after suffering tremendous hardships from an administration which was dead set against connections with Africa.
He returned in triumph to Lincoln as keynote speaker at a Convocation in November 2013.

His swan song was at the Jamaat al-Muslimeen shoora held in Baltimore on May 3, 2014.

He left this world with flying colors.

There is much more to say but this is it for now as my eyes are filling with tears!

May Allah accept his sacrifices and his efforts.
May Allah forgive his sins and give him al-Jannah.

2014-08-19 Tue 23:22 ct

Khaled S. Mujtabaa , Mililani, Hawaii

As Salaam Alaikum .

There is no G-d but Allah, and Muhammad to Whom the Qur'an was revealed is His Messenger .

I am saddened to learn of the passing of my friend and brother in Islam, Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz .
I enter the Nation of Islam in 1971 under his local leadership .
The Temple #4, as it was called then, was just one block from where I lived in Wash., D.C. .
During my time in Wash, DC. I spent many hours in conversation with Dr. Shabazz .
I was a law student at the time at Howard University Law School .
Dr, Shabazz encouraged my law studies and allowed me to put what I was learning into practice by helping the Temple (now masjid) with various legal matters .
He was very generous with his time and energy .
I re-established contact with him a few years ago, and we talked and emailed each other every few months .
He was, indeed, a great educator and scholar and champion for the rights of African-Americans, and for the dignity of all people .
I, like many others, will greatly miss him, his kind manner, bright smile and his eagerness to share his vast knowledge with others .
May Allah reward him for the best of his deeds .

2014-09-15 Mon 11:23 ct

A Man of Honorable Discipline

Dr. Shabazz was truly a man of many virtues.
What I will remember most is his ability to remain calm, serene, and intelligently on point when faced with and challenged by arrogant, insulting IGNORANCE.

Most of us, self included, have not become that self aware and self controlled, yet.
Such discipline is what Allah has asked us to develop and given us the potential to do so.
With all his knowledge, yet he was humble but strong in his fight against the LIE that Allah has made superior and inferior humans.
During the past 10+years that I have heard him speak, he has always spoken: "Allah, The Creator, has created one race--the human race--from black mud and from that black mud all people have emerged; and all humanity is one."
May Allah reward His Soldier, forgive him his sins, have mercy on his soul and admit him to Jinnah al Firdous.

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2014-09-16 Tue 17:54:12 cdt